Dear 6th Grade Parents,
   In order to promote a more effective use of time at school, the daily schedule will change beginning second quarter (Monday, October 22).   The last two academic periods of each day will be slightly shortened to allow for a 20-minute Silent Independent Study (SIS) as an alternative to the current lunch lab.  This opportunity will provide students with a designated time to catch up on missing work, request assistance from teachers, or work on current homework assignments.  We appreciate your understanding as we make this adjustment to help your children achieve their personal best.

Homework from 

  1. Word Wizard (Week 8) checked Monday.
  2. Why question due Monday.
  3. Quotation Quotient due Wednesday.
  4. Word Wizard (Week 9) due Friday.


Week  of
10/22 to 10/26



Y-Book Check: Word Wizard, Why Question
Timeline & Map of Mesopotamia:
4000, Sumeria
3000, Cuneiform
334-2279, Akkadia
1900, Fall of Akkadia
Stop n’ Jot Chart: quotation or paraphrase for each paragraph of “King Sargon of Akkad”
Answer questions for “King Sargon of Akkad”:
1. How did his name help King Sargon rule his people?
2. How is King Sargon similar to another leader?  Make sure to name the leader and explain the similarity.
3. In what way were the Akkadians a model for future societies?


Choose one quality FEDS detail from “King Sargon of Akkad.”  Write a sentence incorporating this quotation with an appropriate text talker using a present tense verb other than “says.”   Remember that in the absence of an author’s name, use the words “the author of” and the title of the article.

A Schedule

Sargon of Akkad
HW check: Quotation with text talker
Warm-up (directed writing)
Sorting Game: “One of These Things Is Not Like the Others” with Stop n’ Jots from yesterday
  1. Profound (quotation) vs. Common (Paraphrase)
  2. Important vs. unimportant
  3. Topical vs. irrelevant
  4. Categorizing
  5. Writing topic sentences
Quotation Quotient


B Schedule ​​

Y-Book Check: Quotation Quotient
Foldable: Inventions & Discoveries of Mesopotamia
Foldable & Notes: Characteristics of Civilization
Multi-day Activity (Creative Writing):
Write a CHILDREN’S BOOK aimed at kids in grades K-2, incorporating information from handouts, foldables, etc. on early humans. 
Project Rubric & Self-Monitoring
Which materials do you need to complete your children’s book?  Begin collecting these materials (paper, crayons, pencils, etc.)


C Schedule

Children's Book Rough Draft Rubric
Children's Book Final Copy Rubric


Warm-up (directed writing)
Discussion: The importance of Characteristics of Civilization
Activity: Characteristics of Civilization
  1. Symbols drawn on foldable
  2. 1 sentence for each characteristic about why it is necessary
  3. Choose most important characteristic: identify and write 2 FEDS details showing why it is necessary

Word Wizard (Week 9) 

D Schedule


Y-Book Check: Word Wizard

 Vocabulary Corner (Week 8):
weekly prefixes, roots, suffixes:
Interactive notebook: Attention Grabber/Hook
Think/Pair/Share: Attention Grabbers 

1. Why question due Monday.
2. Observation Connection due Wednesday.
3. Word Wizard (Week 10) checked Monday, 11/5.

A Schedule

Attention Grabbers Foldable
Attention Grabbers Think-Pair-Share

Parents' Information

Welcome Back! pdf
PDF version of Parent Orientation Slideshow Presentation
Welcome Back Information

Volunteer Opportunity: Wish List

One way to complete volunteer hours is through providing  classroom enhancements.  Please let me know if you order anything so that I can remove it from my wish list.  Links to Amazon for each item appear below.

Samsung ML-3560 DB Toner Cartridge (no generic)
3-Pack 1/4 inch graph paper
retractable purple pens
push pin clips
push pins, clear
Intruder Defense System (Safety Bar)
u brands shag dry eraser
Legal-sized laminating pouches
Ledger-sized paper (11 x 17)