Beginning with work due on Monday, 12/17 and continuing into the 3rd and 4th Quarters, students will not be permitted to turn in late work (designated with an "M" or "Missing" in Engrade).  Work not turned in due to an absence (designated with an "A" in Engrade), either on the day assigned or  checked, must be shown  to me in a timely manner proportional to the number of days absent.  Absent work turned in beyond the  reasonable deadline will not receive full credit.

Early Humans Children's Book Project due date extended to Wednesday, 1/16.(original due date: Tuesday, 1/15) . 

Children's Book Final Copy Rubric

Homework from 

1. Why question due Monday.
2. Early Humans Children’s Book due Tuesday.
3. Observation Connection due Wednesday.
4. Word Wizard  (week 14) due Friday.


Week  of
1/14 to 1/18



Y-Book Check: Why Question
Early Humans Children’s Book: Last minute questions
SS Interactive Notebook:
1. Ancient Egypt, Map & Timeline: Upper & Lower Egypt, united in 3100 by Menes; Nile cataracts, Great Bend,  flooding & ramifications
2. General Facts
3. Day-to-day life flaps
4. Clothing: compare Men & Women
5. Home (label descriptions)


Early Humans Children’s Book due date extended to Wednesday, 1/16. (originally due tomorrow).  Bring rough draft, peer-evaluation rubric, final copy, and final rubric (completed).  

A Schedule

Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt Culture
Body Paragraph Writing Continued (x3): Write an essay explaining how clothes reflect and affect opinions.
  1.  Topic Sentence
  2. D1
  3. E1
  4. C1
  5. D2
  6. E2
  7. C2
  8. Justifier

 Conclusion:  topic restated, areas restated, return to AG.
1. Children's Book (see Monday's HW)
​2. Observation Connection


link to article about uniforms

B Schedule

Choose one quality quotation from an informational source.  Write a sentence incorporating this quotation with an appropriate text talker using a present tense verb other than “says.”   Include both the author and book/article title, correctly written.


Collection & Materials Check: Early Humans Children’s Book & Final Rubric

Y-Book Check: Observation Connection
Prompt into Topic
Complete Essay: Write an essay explaining how clothes reflect and affect opinions.

C Schedule

HW check: Quotation with text talker
Mini-lesson and Interactive Notebook handout on revising/ editing (COPS):
  1. Capitalization
  2. Order of Words/ Organization of Sentences
  3. Punctuation
  4. Spelling
Essay Editing & Revising using COPS checklist:  Clothes reflect and affect opinions.
  1.   Compile a list of two areas of writing with which you are struggling.  This WILL be collected and graded as a HW grade.
  2. Word Wizard (week 14)


D Schedule

COPS Checklist

Y-Book Check: Word Wizard
HW Collection: Writing Struggles
Rainbow Writing (Clothes reflect/ affect opinions):
1. Attention Grabber
2. Thesis Statement
Body Paragraphs
1. Topic Sentence
2. FEDS Detail 1
3. Explanation1
4. Connection 1
5. FEDS Detail 2
6. Explanation 2
7. Connection 2
8. Justifier
1. Topic
2. Area 1
3. Area 2
4. Area 3
5. Return to AG
Vocabulary Corner:


  1. Why question checked Tuesday.
  2. Quotation Quotient due Wednesday.
  3. Word Wizard (week 14) due Friday.

A Schedule

Rainbow Writing Color Codes

Parents' Information

Welcome Back! pdf
PDF version of Parent Orientation Slideshow Presentation
Welcome Back Information

Volunteer Opportunity: Wish List

One way to complete volunteer hours is through providing  classroom enhancements.  Please let me know if you order anything so that I can remove it from my wish list.  Links to Amazon for each item appear below.

Samsung ML-3560 DB Toner Cartridge (no generic)
3-Pack 1/4 inch graph paper
retractable purple pens
push pin clips
push pins, clear
Intruder Defense System (Safety Bar)
u brands shag dry eraser
Legal-sized laminating pouches
Ledger-sized paper (11 x 17)