Beginning with work due on Monday, 12/17 and continuing into the 3rd and 4th Quarters, students will not be permitted to turn in late work (designated with an "M" or "Missing" in Engrade).  Work not turned in due to an absence (designated with an "A" in Engrade), either on the day assigned or  checked, must be shown  to me in a timely manner proportional to the number of days absent.  Absent work turned in beyond the  reasonable deadline will not receive full credit.

Upcoming Events:
        1.  Spring Break : 3/22-29
        2.  Pep rally & Song Competition: 4/1.  Please learn the song so that we can win! 
        3. Quiz on Writing Steps for EVERYONE on Monday, 4/1.
        4. FSA Writes: Tuesday, 4/2: Remember to bring 2 or more sharpened #2 pencils!

Because of FSA Writes security issues,  all notebooks were removed from my classroom over Spring break; bring the Social Studies notebook and the Z-Book   back to school on April 3, 2019.  If necessary, purchase a new notebook over the break: you will need them again after FSA Writes.

Homework from 

  1.   Quiz on steps for essay writing for ALL students: Monday, 4/3
  2. FSA Writes: Tuesday, 4/2
  3. Why question due Wednesday, 4/3.
  4. Observation Connection due Friday. 4/5.


Writing Prompt Steps & Times (for quiz)
FSA Song (for practice: DO NOT SHARE!)

Week  of
4/1 to 4/5



Quiz on steps for essay writing: ALL students will take this quiz.
FSA Focus & Essay Review: 
1. Invalidations
2. Proctor permissible talking
3. Proctor Phone
4. Q & A
 FSA Pep Rally & Song competition


  1. Get a good night’s sleep.
  2. Eat breakfast tomorrow.
  3. Bring 2 sharpened #2 pencils and an eraser.

Modified D Schedule


Pencil check for quiz grade (in hallway)
FSA Writes

  1. Why Question
  2. Bring Z-Book and S.S. Notebook back tomorrow.

Modified A Schedule:
FSA Writes

Y Book Check: Why Question
SS Interactive Notebook: Egyptian Hieroglyphics
  1. Alphabet: Ideograms & Phonograms
  2. Cartouche
Activity: Hieroglyphics Reverse Dictionary
Z-Book Grammar Interactive Notes:
  1. Pronoun Shifts
  2. Vague Pronouns
Activity: Sentence Corrections
  1. Pronoun Shifts
  2. Vague Pronouns

Observation Connection due Friday


Hieroglyphics Alphabet & Numbers

A Schedule

Hieroglyphics Reverse Dictionary Activity
SS Interactive Notebook: Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Numbers: whole numbers and fractions
Activity: Hieroglyphics Math Conversions  

Observation Connection


Hieroglyphics Math Conversions Activity

B Schedule

Y-Book Check: Observation Connection
SS Interactive Notebook Activity: Personalized Miniature Cartouche
Z-Book Grammar Notes: Prepositions
Kinesthetic Game:
Preposition Charades
Preposition Spotlight:
Vocabulary Corner:

  1. Why question due Monday
  2. Quotation Quotient due Wednesday
  3. Word Wizard due Friday


C Schedule



Parents' Information

Welcome Back! pdf
PDF version of Parent Orientation Slideshow Presentation
Welcome Back Information

Volunteer Opportunity: Wish List

One way to complete volunteer hours is through providing  classroom enhancements.  Please let me know if you order anything so that I can remove it from my wish list.  Links to Amazon for each item appear below.

Samsung ML-3560 DB Toner Cartridge (no generic)
Eye & Hook dots
retractable purple pens
sticky wall clips
push pins, clear
Intruder Defense System (Safety Bar)
magnet sheets
Legal-sized laminating pouches
Ledger-sized paper (11 x 17)