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Homework from 

1. Obtain classroom supplies (for a grade) and  print out "Notebook Instructions Printables"
(from the  red tab in the turquoise section  above)  by Monday, 8/20.  
2. Print out "Y-Book Weekly Assignments" and  "Word Wizard: Weekly Roots & Affixes" (from the  blue   and purple tabs in the turquoise section  above) for Tuesday, 8/21.

6th Grade Supply List


Week  of
8/20 to 8/24



HW Check: Materials Check
1. 2 poly envelopes
2. 1-subject spiral notebook
3. 3-subject spiral notebook
4. Y-Book (small composition book)
5. “Notebook Instructions Printables”
Activity: Decorating/ Preparing Interactive Notebooks
1. Cover/Instructions of S.S.
2. Cover/Instructions of Z-Book (LA)
3. 3 Sections of Z-Book
4. Stapling poly envelopes to back covers
Vocabulary (section 1 of Z-Book): “Successful Student”
1. accountability
2. responsibility
3. rigor
4. self-sufficiency

5. vigor​


1. Print out "Y-Book Weekly Assignments" and  "Word Wizard: Weekly Roots & Affixes" (from the  blue and purple tabs in the turquoise section  of my website)
2. Bring clear packing tape tomorrow to cover the front of each interactive notebook.

C Schedule

HW Check: Y-Book Weekly Assignments" and  "Word Wizard: Weekly Roots & Affixes" printouts
Activity: Taping Covers to Interactive Notebooks
Explanation & Modeling: Ongoing Weekly HW Assignments (Y-Book)

​Activity: "Three Is a Magic Number" (cont.)
If you did not complete the taping of the interactive notebook covers, bring them home and do so.  Bring the notebooks back tomorrow.


D Schedule ​​

"Three Is a Magic Number"


Modeling: prompt into topic 
Abstract vs. Concrete nouns
Discussion: small group norms & roles
Pledge of Allegiance Activity
1. Whole Class: determine important words to be defined using warm-up activity
2. Small Groups: define/ explain assigned words 
Word Wizard due Friday

A Schedule

 Pledge of Allegiance Small-Group Activity (continued): define/ explain assigned words
Group Share: meaning of important words in the pledge
Mini-lesson: subject vs. topic
Review: T-Chart
  Word Wizard
For Tuesday: Make a T-chart.  On one side, write a subject (general).  On the other, write a topic (specific) about this subject.  Do this 3 times in your chart.


​B Schedule

T-Chart with Text Boxes & Arrows

Y-Book Check: Word Wizard
Warm-up: free write
Vocabulary Corner:
Review of prefixes, roots, suffixes
Introduction of 5 weekly roots:

Research: history of the Pledge of Allegiance
teacher-controlled/ student guided internet search on pledge’s history
Venn-Diagram Introduction:
Original wording vs. modern wording

Complete T-chart for Tuesday.
Why Question due Monday.
Quotation Quotient due Wednesday.
Venn-diagram of pledge words due Thursday
Word Wizard due Friday.


C Schedule

Venn Diagram with Text Boxes
Original and Current Pledge of Allegiance
Article: Pledge of Allegiance history
Article: Pledge of Allegiance salute

Parents' Information

PDF version of Parent Orientation Slideshow Presentation
Welcome Back Information

Volunteer Opportunity: Wish List

One way to complete volunteer hours is through providing  classroom enhancements.  Please let me know if you order anything so that I can remove it from my wish list.  Links to Amazon for each item appear below.

Samsung ML-3560 DB Toner Cartridge (no generic)
3-Pack 1/4 inch graph paper
retractable purple pens
push pin clips
staple remover 3-pack
Intruder Defense System (Safety Bar)
u brands shag dry eraser
Legal-sized laminating pouches
photo-sized laminating pouches