Thank You!
To all of my wonderful students and parents who honored me on my birthday with cards, presents, chocolate, coffee, and more, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for making my day so special!

Quarter 4 Important Information:
Absent Y-Book entries & other HW must be brought to me during lunch lab within 2 weeks of the original due date; after that, the grades remain a 0.  I will not accept missing homework late.  

Upcoming Dates​:
Ancient Egypt Open-Note Test: 4/9
Homophone Spelling/Vocabulary Test: 4/11
Homophone Project: 4/12

Homework from 

  1. Why question due Monday, 4/2
  2. Observation Connection due Wed., 4/4
  3. Word Wizards due Friday, 4/6

​​Friday,  3/23

Week  of
4/2  to 4/6



Y Book Check: Why Question
CW/HW Check: Restrictive & Nonrestrictive Elements Worksheet
Activity: Ancient Egypt Scavenger Hunt,
Part 1
Students create clues on one page, answers on another


Open-note test on ancient Egypt: Monday, 4/9

D Schedule


Z-Book Grammar Foldable: Homophones
Project Introduction: Homophones
  1. Instructions
  2. Rubric
  3. Word pair assignments
Observation Connection

A Schedule ​​

Homophones Foldable & Project
Y-Book Check: Observation Connection
Activity: Ancient Egypt Scavenger Hunt, Pert 2
Students look for items from another group’s clues


Spelling/Vocabulary Test on 20 homophone pairs: Wednesday, 4/11

Modified B Schedule


Video: Subject-Verb Agreement
Z-Book Grammar Notes: Subject-Verb Agreement
Subject-Verb Agreement Packet:
GUM, pp. 136-7, 139-40, 142-3, & 145-6  
Word Wizards, week 13 from list  
GUM, pp. 136-7
GUM, pp. 139-40
GUM, pp. 142-3
GUM, pp. 145-6

C Schedule​​

 Y-Book Check: Word Wizards
Subject-Verb Agreement Packet:
GUM, pp. 136-7, 139-40, 142-3, & 145-6

 1. Open-note test on ancient Egypt: Monday, 4/9
2. Why question due Monday
3. Quotation Quotient due Wednesday
4, Word Wizards (week 14 from list) due Friday


D Schedule​​

BGCS Homepage
Link to Interactive History Website
BCPS Calendar 2017-18
Classroom Library

Note: When you go the American Journey website, at the student login, type the following access code:  B403FACC22.
Then bookmark the page for future reference. 

Ms. Lemos's Website
Mr. Piskun's Website
Link to American Journey Textbook
Mrs. Romero's Website

Parents' Information

PDF version of Parent Orientation Slideshow Presentation
Letter from Mrs. Miller about Washington DC trip
Wish List in MS Word

Volunteer Opportunity: Wish List

One way to complete volunteer hours is through providing  classroom enhancements.  Please let me know if you order anything so that I can remove it from my wish list.  Links to Amazon for each item appear below.

13" Laminator (any brand)
menu-size laminating sheets
legal-size laminating sheets
letter-size laminating sheets
Brother TZ laminated tape
MDP to VGA adaptor
Welcome Back Information